About my classes

Bihar/Satyananda yoga classes are accessible for everyone regardless of age, gender, physical ability or experience, they emphasise the spiritual and meditative side of yoga. Classes include postures, breathing, meditation, deep relaxation and chanting. Although the structure of the class is similar each week, the content takes you through a journey of progression and self-awareness.

Asanas (postures) – a technique that when practiced regularly re-tones and revitalizes all the systems of the body. Asanas can be adapted to allow each individual to progress at their own pace, enabling challenge whilst respecting the needs and limitations of each individual.

Pranayama (controlled, rhythmical and regular breathing) – all of us have to breath. These practices teach correct breathing and conserve and distribute prana (life force or vital cosmic energy) throughout the whole being, enhancing the power of the breath to help us feel energized, to move the body more effectively, to reduce tension, to help us sleep and to increase the awareness of breath.

Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep or deep relaxation) – this is a powerful technique that creates psychic and physiological rest and rejuvenation. Relaxation is the key to reaching our potential. By learning different relaxation techniques each individual can begin to take control of their own life, relaxing, restructuring and reforming the whole personality from within.

Meditation – ‘meditation is an exercise in the mental discipline of harnessing the energies of the mind by focusing on one object or thought, or the breath, leading to increased concentration, a sense of peace and the release of tension’.

Chanting – Mantra is sound vibration, and the compressed energies of the body and the mind respond to these vibrations. With mantras, positive and creative qualities and energies can be awakened and negative influences removed. The use of sound and learning how to make sound vibrations is both liberating and relaxing.