Yoga on the Isle of Wight with Tulsi (Nickie Short)


Helping you to become the best person you can be
physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

“Yoga is an ancient and complete humanistic spiritual science which evolved through thousands of years of study and inner experience… There are a variety of yogic paths to suit different human needs and temperaments all of which assist in the liberation of human potential and creativity. Understandably, many of the paths interact and flow into each other and, individually or combined, they are tools designed to help us become caring and considerate, loving and compassionate human beings.”

Yoga is a great way to enhance all aspects of life and provides practices suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender and ability. Tulsi practices
Satyananda yoga Ancient Yoga for Modern Living. Satyananda yoga looks to create an inner experience rather than outer perfection.

Nickie Short (Spiritual name Tulsi) has been practising yoga for 25 years and teaching since 2002.  She currently teaches on the Isle of Wight providing general classes, classes in prison and for people with special needs.  She also runs one to one sessions, workshops, yoga weekends a yoga foundation course and teacher training course.

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