About Nickie

My Yoga beginnings
I was introduced to yoga in 1988 when I was working on a special needs housing project for people with mental health problems. The work was very demanding and unpredictable and when a colleague introduced me to yoga it provided an hour of tranquility in the busy week – seeing people three times my age with greater fitness and flexibility was an inspiration.

Over the next ten years I had a number of different yoga teachers but I felt most ‘at home’ with teachers from the Bihar School of yoga tradition (sometimes known as Satyananda Yoga) who had a far wider breadth of knowledge and practices that created a holistic group of ‘tools’ that I could apply to so many different aspects of my life.

Becoming a Teacher
For 15 years I had worked in a variety of settings for people with mental, learning and physical health disabilities and it was this work inspired me to train as a yoga teacher as I was convinced that the tools of yoga could be applied to everyone regardless of ability, age or state of health. So in 1999 after the birth of my second son I started a Yoga teacher training course with Friends of Yoga (FRYOG) and I qualified as a teacher in 2001, just before moving to the Isle of Wight.

In 2004 I was given the spiritual name of Tulsi by Swami Niranjananda of the Bihar School of Yoga. Tulsi is the name of the sacred healing basil plant that is revered in India and I see the name as a way of reminding me to work with and develop my natural inclination to empower people to develop their own healing abilities through the tools of yoga.

Since qualifying as a yoga teacher I have continued my training with specific courses in yoga nidra (deep relaxation), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation techniques and also trained as a Satyananda teacher. In addition to holding regular weekly classes on the Island I have also continued to work with people with special needs or specific health conditions at day centres, groups homes and on a one2one basis. In 2010 I ran my first Teacher Training Course for Friends of Yoga – ensuring that a high standard of teaching can be added to the wealth of experience and knowledge that exists in the Island yoga community.

Yoga has been a rock throughout my adult life and as my sons move away from home education and out into the big world it is time for me to develop my own yoga journey. With my husband and dog I am now moving to Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales where I hope to receive peace, inspiration and a deepening sense of connection with the world through enhanced practices and being part of a yogic community.

I welcome the opportunity to continue sharing my teachings and experiences with others – please contact me if you would be interested in me coming to teach for you – I am happy and able to travel throughout the UK.